Bollywood Rockstar

Green Day says, “wake me up when September ends.” I say, “I’ll sleep in October.” That’s because the Nike Rockstar Workout Bollywood program officially ends its run in Fitness First gyms on October 7 with a huge culminating competition at the newest FF club in SM North EDSA — and I’m going to be representing the Ortigas club!

Nike Rockstar Workout BollywoodBack in July I wrote about the launch of the program, and since then I’ve been faithfully attending classes under various instructors. Two weeks ago I got to talk with FF Ortigas’ Group X coordinator, who’s my favorite BodyCombat instructor, too. She asked me if I was interested in auditioning to be part of the Ortigas “tribe” of three club members led by one instructor. I initially said yes, then hesitated when I realized that my Saturday work hours would hinder me from attending the final. Then last Friday I was given an option to work longer hours on weekdays so that Saturdays I could work half-days. My schedule was suddenly open.

So, last night I attended the audition. There was a panel of judges from the Nike Rockstar program, one of whom was also a judge from the BodyJam auditions two weeks ago. The audition commenced like a regular Rockstar class, but at the end we auditionees were asked to take our places in front for the dance performance. I think I gave it all I got, although at one point I got distracted by the photographer whose lens was about three feet away from my face. The doubt started to creep in: was I good enough?

After the cool-down, one of the judges announced the three members who would represent Ortigas. The first number she called was mine! I felt like I’d won Miss Universe (and I probably had the same mock-surprise facial expression, haha). We club winners were each given a Nike gift certificate worth 5,000 pesos, redeemable at the Nike Forum store in Greenbelt 3.

I’m still waiting for our lead instructor to contact us about rehearsal times, but this is the last week of September and we’ll only have this week and next week to get together. I wish we had more time to perfect the routine as a group. As they say, “Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. And when you’re done, rehearse some more!”

UPDATE: On the USA Nike Women website, this workout is known as the “Far East Funk Workout.” There are downloadable clips of all the moves in Quicktime, PSP, or iPod formats. I’ve saved them to my computer even though by now I know the moves by heart. It always pays to be over-prepared. Ü

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First Day High

OK, technically it’s not my first day today. That was yesterday, and I was in a funk because I was totally lost — I didn’t know my duties and had only just found out how heavy the work hours are (I have to work full days on Saturdays for six months).

Today was the first day of the rest of my time at this job, though. (Yeah, I’m just looking for an excuse to use the title.) Also, today was the first time I punched in using my time card. And today was much better for me because I discovered some of the perks of working at this job.

Basically most people (including me) just can’t help being a little starstruck when coming into the orbit of celebrities. There’s a reason they became celebrities in the first place: they have a certain gravitational pull, an X-factor, a je ne sais quoi. Yesterday I was dressed down, as fitting the attire of most of the people I saw on my interview day last Wednesday. And then I was introduced to one of the major young stars these days. Let me just tell you, I felt like I looked like a Russ Troll standing in front of her. I mean, she’s pretty enough in her billboards along EDSA, or on TV on her recently concluded teleserye, but she’s a china doll in person: perfect, fragile, and — yeah I still can’t get over feeling like a troll. Ü

So anyway, shortly before I was supposed to get off work yesterday I was tasked to get a short quote from some of our artists. Today I went to see one of them before she taped a religious program at the Music Museum. Again I was bowled over by her beauty; at least this time around, I was better dressed. When I got back to the office I got a statement from one of my favorite comediennes, and she just has this winsome personality which I think is why she’s effective at making audiences laugh and sympathize with her.

I have about an hour and thirty minutes before I get off from work; the day seems to have gone by so quickly. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow.

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Next phase, next stage, next grade, next wave… — “Generation Next” by the Spice Girls

I think I’ve been mysterious enough about a certain upcoming event (although I couldn’t resist spilling to Adam a few days before this scheduled update). It’s time for the big reveal. Drumroll, please!

Ladies and gentlemen, readers, people who’ve just stumbled in: I have a job! After months of being just slightly emo about being a bum, God has seen fit to bless me with a job at a company whose principles I agree with. It’s an entertainment and management company whose mission statement is “To utilize God-given gifts and resources to discover, develop and manage talents and ventures in the entertainment business for God’s glory.”

I waited until tonight to write this particular update because yesterday I also did something that might have had an impact on the content of my job news. See, several of my BodyJam instructors invited me to audition to enter instructor training. Yes, me. Whodathunk?

The audition was yesterday, and to make a long story short, I didn’t make it. BUT! Out of almost 60 auditionees, the judges were supposed to choose 18 candidates for training. They called 16 candidates by number, then for the last two slots (actually it was only supposed to be one) called five people to dance for it. I couldn’t believe it when they called my number (my favorite number, 4). I was one of the five. Well anyway, we five were told that even if we weren’t picked to be part of the 18, we would still “play an important role.” Sounds like something out of a beauty pageant, but we were effectively the first runner-up; in case any of the 18 would be unable to fulfill their duties as Miss Universe complete their training, one of us could be called to take that place.

I feel like I did my best, considering I had a weeping wound on each of my foot arches (I wore bad shoes on Friday) and that it was my first audition. I think the judges chose the best possible candidates (and I don’t think there’s a chance that any of them will pass up the chance for training), and I hope to enjoy the BodyJam classes they will lead within a few months. And anyway, there’s always next audition.

Right now, I want to focus on making the best possible start to my new job. Ü I start tomorrow.


All For Kicks

I want a pic of your shoe cabinet, to prove to my friends that you dont have the “Imelda” syndrome. — a comment on my Livejournal

My shoe collection may not be of Imeldific proportions, but I can’t deny the fact that I love shoes. Shoes are the most forgiving items of any wardrobe; no matter how much I weigh or what shape I’m in, they always fit me exactly the same way. Give a woman a pair of shoes she loves and she will strut around in them with confidence, and any sane woman can tell you that carrying oneself with confidence is a vital element of being well-dressed.

Every time I wear a pair of shoes out, I make sure whatever I replace them with I will definitely use. Yes, they do have to look good, but my comfort wearing them is more important. My mom is a frequent shoe shopper but more often than not, she discovers they pinch in the wrong places or they leave her fatigued trying to keep them from slipping off. She ends up not using one out of every two pairs she buys. I think I’ve learned from her mistakes, and so whenever I go shoe shopping, I take my damn time. More often than not, I end up finding the shoe I really want and at a bargain price, too.

I spent the latter part of last Thursday just roaming Robinsons Galleria looking at athletic shoes. My parents bought me crosstrainers for Christmas, but they only lasted me until June when the mesh upper started to split from the sole at the instep due to frequent use. I could still wear them to the gym, but lately they’d started looking gnarly, ill-used, and skanky (!!!). I decided it was high time for a new pair.

For the past few years I’ve headed to Fila for my sneakers since their stores always offer a 50% discount on all shoes. However, my need for new shoes came at an opportune time; the seasons are a-changing from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter. Other shoe stores are trying to get rid of old stock, broken sizes, and display pieces, and there were plenty of discounted items for the picking.

Nike Lady Air AchieveI didn’t quite care that I visited every athletic shoe shop in the mall twice. I actually welcomed the prospect of walking around several hours that afternoon, since you’re always supposed to buy shoes later in the day when your feet have expanded to their true size. (You can actually go up a half-size in the course of a day.) I finally settled on a pair of Lady Air Achieves at 40% off from the Nike Forum store on the ground floor. Originally I didn’t even think that I could get the shoe; I had asked for a size 8 1/2 since that’s my usual size, and they told me they only had sizes until 7 1/2. Disappointed, I tried on a slightly more pricey pair that had a size 8 1/2 and realized that the shoe was too big. I kept going down sizes: I asked for the 8, then the 7 1/2. And then I thought, “Well, what if I ask for the first shoe in the size 7 1/2?” It fit, to my amazement and delight. Even better, it was the last pair in that size; it was like they were just waiting for me to come along.

I really do get a kick out of shoe shopping. Ü

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