Blogging in 2000

December 13, 2000 // 02:52 pm
Well, this is the first entry. Hopefully I can add more ramblings here, especially my poetry and prose… ^.^~ And if there are any more lovesick ramblings, they go here, and not in Doctor Megumi’s Diary.

December 17, 2000 // 09:17 am

I just lost another karaoke contest yesterday, and it really stings. The last time I entered, I won second place to a song called “It’s Gonna Rain!”. This recent karaoke contest, that same song won first place again. Can you imagine how bad that makes me feel? I mean, I love the song, but now I have so many bad memories associated with it. ARGH!

December 19, 2000 // 10:15 am
Yehey! My friends have pitas! Check ’em out there on the right. That’s all! ^_^

December 20, 2000 // 09:28 am

I am so bored here at home. I can’t believe I’ve spent about two weeks’ worth of internet time in about 3 days! x.x This has got to stop. I have to go out! Lakwatsa!!!

December 21, 2000 // 11:09 am
Merry Christmas!

I just love the holiday season, but somehow this year everything seems duller, less shiny, less magical than it used to be when I was young (oi! oi! I’m only 17!). Maybe it’s because everyone’s pockets are a little less deep than before–including my family’s, due to that damn economic crisis. Maybe it’s because the impeachment proceedings are dragging everyone’s spirits down. I just don’t see the rejoicing that I saw before.

I think that’s wrong. We should still be celebrating–why? To commemorate Jesus’ birth. No matter what happens, we have to keep in mind that He came to the world to save us. This reality is only temporary and corruptible. He came to give us the chance to live in an incorruptible eternity with Him.

It may not seem as festive, but I damn will not forget the significance of this whole shebang!

December 22, 2000 // 11:56 am
Relatives here for Christmas! Yippee!

The happiest times of my life were spent with relatives, usually at get-togethers where we all collectively stuff ourselves with delicious food. *burp* Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

When I’m with my [extended] family, I don’t feel guilty eating a lot. It’s our way, I guess, to lubricate relations between ourselves, with chicken grease and pig fat. We enjoy ourselves a lot, too. ^_^

O-tanoshimi desu ne!

December 23, 2000 // 08:40 am
Have you ever felt like people were making fun of you by being sarcastic?

“Oh, Noelle, you dance so well!”
“You can dance the night away!”
“Do that move again!”

Need I still say “insert sarcasm”?

Actually I have no idea if they were really sincere or just making fun of me… but it had always been the case back in high school that they’d make me repeat some action I did, and they’d pretend it was they thought it was cool, but actually they were already making fun of me. Argh!

I thought these people would have changed by now. It’s been, like what, 3 years since high school? I’ve changed, I think; I’ve become more outgoing, more smiley-faced… and then I attend this reunion-type party and they do this to me!

Well, some people were nice, as they’ve always been. I saw three of my very good friends in one sitting last night. It’s been such a long time since I saw Camille N., and then Janina R., and also Julia A., although I _do_ see Julia in our university campus every do often.

Now I’m really insecure. Can I really dance, or were they just kidding me?

I can whup their asses in ballroom dancing. How’s that for you, my dear sarcastic “friends”?

December 26, 2000 // 09:10 pm
Family reunions can be a blast…

… but if you don’t know a lot of people there, it can be pretty hard. It was a good thing I was with my cousins.

Anyway, there was this game where you have to fill in a questionnaire with the signature of the person who matches the characteristics. We tried filling it up with the name of my blasted President Estrada, and guess what? It fitted him to a T!

Has the most number of children: Erap
Has an unusual hobby: Erap. His hobby is collecting wives.
Plays mahjong: Erap
Is a professional: Erap. Professional gambler, that is.
An adult who cannot drive a car: Erap. That’s because he’s always drunk.
Is a teenager: Erap’s newest wife.
Someone over 70 years old: Erap’s oldest wife.
Lives abroad: Some of Erap’s wives.
Has the most number of pets: Erap. He has pet girls.
Has the most number of grandchildren: Erap. Counting those from his first wife, and then his other wives… @o@
Owns his business: Erap. Name of business is Bingo 2-ball.
Has a sport: Erap. His sport is a drinking game.
Lives in Imus: most probably one of Erap’s wives.
Can sing: Erap (when drunk)
Can do a gymnastics routine: Erap (when drunk)

Heheheheheh. ^_^

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