Anybody heard of Wikipedia? It’s a freely-editable compendium of articles submitted by, uh, almost anyone. Though it isn’t yet regarded as a reliable source of information due to its fluid nature (I did say freely editable and submitted by anyone), it’s an enjoyable exercise in writing.

So enjoyable have I found it, in fact, that today I found myself at work on articles I initially had no inclination of doing anything about. I spent the entire morning turning lists of Binibining Pilipinas winners into table format. Tonight I spent the last two hours researching and rewriting the article on the Mercy Me song “I Can Only Imagine.” I’m turning into a Wiki-addict.

I blame the Andy Roddick article. It referred to a Wikipedia article on his coach Dean Goldfine, but that article hadn’t been written yet so I took it upon myself to complete the task. I completed the initial draft on Saturday night. Then, it seems I couldn’t get enough of filling in blanks because I wrote the article about the Andy Roddick Foundation as well.

After those articles related to a fandom were completed, I began surfing Wikipedia’s random articles and made minor grammatical edits to a number of articles. This Wiki thing, it’s like a new toy: I can’t stop playing. But it does make me realize that I know nothing about a lot of things. Was it Plato, Socrates, or the Apostle Paul who professed to know nothing? Ü

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