Today I took a little time to start re-organizing my room, and I realized the defining characteristic of my room is: BOOKS. Piles of them lying on every hard flat surface, inside my cabinets and drawers, and most recently piling up on my bed.

Rummaging through just one drawer, I rediscovered books I had forgotten I owned. If that isn’t a sign of a serious bookrat problem, then I don’t know what else is. A huge selection of the books in the upstairs family bookcase belongs to me. Also, when we moved to this house I didn’t bother to unpack a big box of books, so I have another cache of books sitting in the attic storeroom collecting dust.

I really should start cataloguing my stuff. Do you think I can actually start using the Dewey decimal system? Ü Wait, that’s only for non-fiction books. Most of my “collection” (if you can call it that) is composed of fiction, the gems of which are fantasy and science fiction. I also seem to like spy thrillers, murder mysteries, and classic children’s books.

Two weeks ago I was in absolute book heaven when I discovered Libreria, a bookstore/cafe on Tomas Morato Avenue. I’ve also spent a little under P2,000 at Powerbooks over the last three weeks because their 20% discount chopped off 100 pesos from the price of each hardbound Sherlock Holmes novel. After I got successful feedback on my thesis a month ago, I blew some bucks at a nearby Books For Less to celebrate.

I need help. Ü

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