Ticketed and Ticked Off

After finishing an invigorating workout at the Fitness First branch in Ortigas, I was all amped up on adrenaline and grrl power. Ü As I revved my car out of the building’s underground parking, I noticed a piece of paper fluttering on my windshield. Flicking on the wipers to move the paper so I could reach it, I could already read the words on the newsprint-type slip. It read, “Notice of Parking Violation.”

The first thought in my head was, “ZOMG! A real parking ticket!” The second thought was, “ZOMG!!!ohno!!11 It’s a parking ticket registered to my car!”

irritation, anime-styleApparently the violation was for not parking my car facing the wall. This severely irritated me because I had specifically looked for a sign that said “park car facing wall” and didn’t find it in the area I had parked. (The sign was around a corner but I didn’t know it went for the entire parking area.) Additionally, the car beside me had parked facing outwards, so I had merely followed suit. I had even taken a lot of time parking the car so it was just right, and surely should have attracted the notice of the security guards sitting not more than ten yards away.

People driving in Metro Manila may be familiar with the frustration. For instance, my mom was dropping someone off on a sidewalk when a policeman strolls up and says “No loading/unloading po dito.” My mom asks, “Where’s the sign?” and the policeman points to a sign obscured by tree branches and situated high above the eyeline of a person sitting behind a steering wheel.

The policeman let my mom off with a warning. As for my parking ticket, it was for a first violation so I was also let off with a warning. I guess what I have to be glad about is that it isn’t a parking ticket issued by the traffic police, so it doesn’t go on any permanent government record. I don’t plan on registering another violation and having to pay a 200-peso fine, so I will be parking my car correctly next time.

I’m still ticked off, though.

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