I’ve already written about how I bought a bag from a friend’s Multiply site, but I rarely mention my other bag purchases here. It’s strange because I love bags; I’ve loved them ever since third year high school when we all started trying to bring smaller and smaller bags to school, choosing to bring armfuls of books instead of lugging about a chunky backpack. I think that trend peaked when my classmate Carisse brought a backpack the size of a wallet. Ü

These days my bags aren’t ridiculously small. However, I still hate enormous bags that make people look like it’s the bag wearing the girl and not the other way around. That’s why I love bags that are roomier than they look on the outside.

Banana Peel Kremlin Body Bag When I switched to Fitness First gyms earlier this year, it was around the time I realized I had to replace my ratty gym bag. So, for my birthday I bought myself a Kremlin Body Bag (pictured here) from the Banana Peel outlet in Greenhills Theatre Mall. I thought at first that I had made a mistake and gotten one that was too small, but over time I learned to pack my gym things more efficiently. This bag can hold a change of clothes and shoes, a bath towel, a pair of flip-flops, shampoo/conditioner and facial soap, cologne, a wallet, and a cellphone, with room to spare for other miscellaneous items. I can even slip my water bottle into one of the belt loops outside the bag. This little trooper has seen me through countless daily workouts and intense practice sessions, and it’s only given out on me once — when I really overstuffed the bag and caused the lining to tear slightly near the zipper. Ü It was a steal, too, at a little over P500.

Banana Peel Avenue Hobo Bag I also found this cute Avenue Hobo Bag at Banana Peel, going at a 30% discount. I was carrying a very roomy bag one workday when on the spur of the moment my friends invited me to go out later that night. I needed a smaller bag to minimize the hassle of bag searches at malls and establishments. Although it looks small, this bag can hold two cellphones, a bottle of eau de toilette, comb, lipgloss and eyeliner, a big wallet, keys, and a large hair clip (!!!). I love it!

I definitely can’t survive without a bag because I don’t have pockets and usually drop stuff I carry in my hand. With these bags, I can just drop my things into them and go. Ü

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