The Two Halves of 2006

I’ve been reading over my posts from the first half of 2006 to avoid the recency effect when I start writing about how my year was. My 2006 can actually be divided into two distinct halves.

The first half of 2006 was all about introspection: what I’d do after school, then deciding to find a job, and finally figuring out my qualifications.

The latter half of 2006 was all about doing: I discovered a passion for dancing that I’d never thought I had, and found that auditioning and performing was the perfect cure for my stage fright. I also got my first job, and am quickly realizing that I don’t want to be just behind the scenes.

I learned a lot about myself last year, and am truly curious about what God has in store for me, based on the above developments. I hope I can recognize the steps to take so I can find God’s true calling and purpose for me; I know that when I start pursuing that, I’ll also find happiness.

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What did I do over New Year’s weekend? Ü

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