Workin’ It

Almost six months ago, I announced that I got a job. Sure, I had mixed feelings about it especially since I wasn’t used to the workload. I went on to whinge about the hours and the fact that I couldn’t please everyone. I eventually started to find some workplace humor. Plus, the salary ain’t bad and I hated losing even a single cent due to being late.

It’s taken me almost six months to get to the point where I actually appreciate my job and am realizing how important I am to the workings of this company. Ü I was in a meeting today with one of our artists and she told me, “With you here this makes everything so much easier. Where have you been all this time?”

It’s nice to feel needed and appreciated. I hope they take that into consideration when I come up for regularization in a week’s time. With regularization comes a reduction in official number of hours I need to be at the office (hello, work-free Saturdays! hello, 9-to-6 weekdays!), maybe a raise (wishful thinking?), and overall a feeling of stability.

This may not be the last job I’ll ever have, but while I’m here I’m gonna work it like it could be.


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  • February 27, 2007 at 2:02 pm

    I’m really glad you feel that way now. Mama, Papa, and I have been praying that you find fulfillment. You seem to be on the road to finding it. ^v^


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