Nike Rockstar Hiphop/Dancehall Showdown

Twins ?
I guess we weren’t content with the Nike Rockstar Workout Bollywood competition, because my friend Vanessa and I and our NRSW instructor Ken competed in the Nike Rockstar Hiphop/Dancehall Showdown at Fitness First Ortigas on February 28.

The rehearsals weren’t as backbreaking as those we did for Bollywood since it was a shorter routine and we decided not to add too much complexity to it since we were supposed to present it primarily as a workout and only secondarily as a performance. We started practicing last Thursday night, did a double on Saturday and Sunday, then had our last two rehearsals on Tuesday.

Nike Tribe
Six teams competed on the day itself: they were led, respectively, by instructors Rio, Olive, Brian, Ken (our team), Erwin, and Mong. Gelli hosted the event, which was in celebration of FF Ortigas’s 2nd anniversary. To make a long story short, we started at 8pm and ended at about 10:30pm when Ms. Peewee Sanchez, Group Exercise Coordinator for Fitness First, announced the winners amid the cheers of the people who had stuck the evening out.

    2nd Runner-Up

  • instructor: Kenneth Bertumen
  • members: Vanessa and Noelle
    1st Runner-Up

  • instructor: Mong Puro
  • members: Jing, Joy, and Icel

  • instructor: Brian Peralta
  • members: Jun, Ness, and Nino

We got goodie bags containing stuff from the event’s sponsors, which included a nice Nike yoga cover-up top for me and some Love, Your Body Post-Its. Vanessa got a sleeveless Nike yoga top with built-in shelf bra, and it fits her perfectly.

After the competition most of us participants and group exercise instructors proceeded to the Rockwell area where a Nike event was simultaneously occurring. Well, not really because we got there too late and the event was over. By that time we were all starving so we proceeded to North Park where I downed a big bowl of noodles and listened to the instructors regale us with tales of their way of life.

It was a nice way to spend a few days living a different routine from home-work-home. I’ll end this entry with a video of our performance of which I’m very, very proud. I’ve also got some more photos and two videos on Multiply. Ü

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