The Main Event

Fitness First had a big show last night called The Main Event. Each club had handpicked 12 people to represent them in this event, where the teams faced off against each other in displays of synchronization, technique, energy, and team unity as they participated in BodyCombat, a martial arts-based non-contact cardio workout.

Fitness First: The Main Event

The extent of my participation in this was limited to the BodyJam production number and the cooldown, but even those were eventful in themselves.

I’m still trying to collect all the photos I can of the event because I have a lot of stories to tell. This is the first time I’ve ever been in anything this big as part of the production team, not as a participant. Interesting tidbit though: this event was held exactly one year to the day I competed in the Nike Rockstar Bollywood final. Ü

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