Turning into a Girly Girl

When I was younger, my mom let my sister and me play with her stuff: clothes, shoes, and even the make-up in her dresser drawer. But even though I played with her heels and learned in my own fashion to apply make-up, I still ended up barefaced every day and wearing flip-flops and flats. Life was simple.

That is, until recently, and I’m pretty worried — for my pocketbook, that is. I’ve done more shopping in the past two months than I have in the past half-year. And it’s not just any shopping (you can, after all, shop for food). It’s shopping for clothes, shoes, and make-up.

Clothes: The less I spend on food, the more I spend on clothes. I remember five years ago when I would come home depressed from a mall trip because nothing fit me (except shoes). Now I come home with shopping bags full of clothing, but depressed because there’s nothing in my wallet. Ü

Shoes: Okay, I admit I’ve always been a shoe addict, but I always buy for practical reasons, like replacing a year-old pair of trainers, getting higher heels for a “modeling” gig, and buying boots as part of a costume.

Make-Up: Yup. The day before yesterday, I went out and bought myself some liquid foundation. The weekend before that, I asked my mom to buy me a sponge for my powder compact, a blush brush and some blush powder. The weekend before that, I did my own stage make-up for the BodyCombat event — twice, with two different looks. And for the past two days, I’ve had make-up done. With glitter, people!

Now if loving to shop for shoes, clothes, and make-up are hallmarks of being a girly girl, then I might just be turning into one. At some point, it could turn into a chore getting all gussied up with the junk I buy, but right now it’s a lot of fun.

(Thanks to Ade for accompanying me while I bought my boots. I hope I didn’t turn you into a “Gay Best Friend, Only Straight.” Ü)


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  • October 18, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    Well, you’re like the nth girl who took me shopping. Thank God you didn’t make me choose the clothes for you. =P


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