Endings (and Beginnings)

We’re at the halfway point in this year, and it’s been strange how so much has happened in a lot of people’s lives. Relationships formed and dissolved, jobs taken and left, habits created and broken, births, weddings, and funerals… It’s a fact of our time-limited human existence that change happens. It’s just that it’s been going on a lot in my circle, or maybe I’m just not as oblivious as I used to be.

The best thing about endings is that they’re simply beginnings to new eras in our lives. They’re opportunities to take stock about the things that really, deeply matter. They can be opportunities to reinvent and improve oneself by ways of thinking or behavior or even the people one chooses to surround oneself with.

So if the past six months are any indication of where the rest of the year is going, I say “BRING IT.”

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