Quezon Province in Photos

On my trip last week to Quezon Province with the Living Asia Channel team, I took my sister’s digital SLR camera and managed to take some really great shots (so I think). I’ve uploaded the albums on Multiply so here are the links so you can enjoy!

Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5; Day 6

And here are some of my favorite shots.

All Who Enter Have Entrance

another one for my collection of funny signs

my Converses on a basketball court

my Chucks on a colorful b-ball court

Kinabuhayan B&B at twilight

Kinabuhayan B&B; – one of my new favorite spots


I thought it said “tomorrow”

Polillo Island, Quezon

a tidal pool on Polillo Island, Quezon

sunrise over the southern tip of Polillo Island

sunrise over Polillo Island, seen from a boat

Check out my travel blog, Trippin’ with Noelle De Guzman, to read up on my adventures in Quezon. And guess what? My travel blog got nominated for Best Blog in the Travel category at the Philippine Blog Awards!

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