Television Across the Nation

Since my day’s schedule is so strange, I’m usually not around a television when it’s primetime. And even when I am home, I don’t know what’s on TV unless I happen to be flipping past a station and the program catches my eye.

Regardless, I do love TV shows, so I compensate for not watching weekly by buying whole seasons of my favorite shows and doing marathons. Right now I’m watching Kyle XY season 1. The DVD has been sitting atop my player for five months, but this is the first time I’ve sat down with it.

The backstory reminds me of John Doe, about a man with no memory of who he is or where he’s from, but apparently knows everything else there is to know in the world. (That show lasted one season.) However, Kyle has the lead character waking up with no memory whatsoever, but with superhuman mental and physical capabilities. Of course the show deals with this mystery, but the target audience is younger and of course the characters all have their own thing happening as well.

OK, that’s all for now; the DVD player is calling me. The best thing about watching series on DVD is you can always fast-forward through any uninteresting bits.

And something to make you feel like dancing, since the song has “television” in its lyrics. Ü

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