Dancing My Heart Out Onstage

I started dancing on a stage two years ago, and I could very well say that Fitness First has been very instrumental in unleashing the performer in me. The first time was the Nike Rockstar Workout Bollywood Finals, where I competed alongside two other women and one NRSW instructor. I was just a Fitness First member then and had just auditioned (and didn’t pass) for BodyJam training.

Nike Rockstar Bollywood Final

A few months later there was a smaller NRSW competition; we had the same team minus one girl, and we danced a different routine. That was to be my last competition as a member; the next week I was set to do BodyBalance training and become a group exercise instructor.

Nike Rockstar Hiphop/Dancehall Showdown

The first big event I danced at for Fitness First was the BODYCOMBAT Main Event last October. Arnold Warren, our head teacher for BODYJAM in the Philippines, had a production number planned out using Jam instructors but they were short of one girl; hence I, who was only a BODYBALANCE instructor at the time, was recruited.

BODYJAM presentation at The Main Event

I’ve also danced at mall demos since then, and even more so since I became a Jam instructor.

But last Saturday was special; it was the first time I would perform for Fitness First in a Jam production number as a Jam instructor. It was part of Fitness First’s involvement in the QTV-11 Fit Fest. Aside from contributing judges for the hi-lo aerobics marathon, Fitness First was assigned an intermission number.

BODYJAM presentation at the QTV Fit Fest

Due to last-minute negotiations our team was only informed about what we had to do very late the previous night. We only had the 6 hours before the event started to put together our presentation — from setting choreography to music, to blocking and stunts. I thank God we were able to remain calm enough to pull together; we were so close to backing out, but Jammers are professionals, too!

I feel like I’ve come a long way since my first onstage performance; definitely, the butterflies in my stomach have disappeared. Instead they’ve been replaced by armpit sweating, but that’s more easily managed. Ü Here’s to more of the same! The Asian Momentum event is coming in November…

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  • September 22, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    I have no idea why but I’ve nver thought of searching for Body Jam on YouTube. Haha! It’s thrilling to see the Jam choreo being performed from HK to Rio de Janeiro.


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