Midnight DJ: Demon Cellphone Number OBB

I pointed a digicam at the TV just because I want to show off. Ü I still can’t believe my name’s in the credits as a guest.


“Demon Cellphone Number”
Writer: Joaqui Tupas

Four friends try out an urban legend that requires you to call a special cellphone number – the devil’s number. As one of them dies, they realize the truth and seriousness of this legend and Denise, the victim’s girlfriend, seeks the help of the Midnight DJ team. The team led by Samboy agrees to help them but are met by obstacles and seemingly dead-end solutions.

One by one the three remaining friends die off. Time is running out. Will the Midnight DJ team come any closer to discovering the answer to free them from the curse?


  • Carla Humphries as Denise
  • Guji Lorenzana as Paul
  • Liza Ranillo as Aling Maria
  • Krissie de Leon as Theresa
  • Noelle de Guzman as Michelle
  • Reinier Lucien Laino as Eric

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