Last year, every time I went to an audition, casting, or go-see I would feel very insecure about my “amateur” status. I had no existing body of work to bring up when asked, “previous experience?” I had very little in the way of actual TV appearances and no experience at all in modeling work.

After much procrastinating (by me) and prodding (by my mentor Jourdan S. and my peers), I finally scheduled a pictorial for a series of photos I would use as my portfolio. Whether I put these in a black book or on a comp card, having photos of professional quality shows that I’m serious about this line of work.

Thanks to my photographer (and school friend from way back) Abraham Magbanua, and my makeup artist Coy Echas. These photos were taken at Studio 33, Topaz Bldg., Kamias.


soulja girl

Thanks also to Aaron Ebio who dropped by and took this photo:


I’m loving these photos! Next up: different angles, maybe a location shoot, God willing. Ü

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