Jamming at the Clubs

BodyJam 49 poster
BodyJam 49 poster

If there’s one thing I look for when I go out to the clubs, it’s the music. It has to be good, otherwise it defeats the purpose of why I went out in the first place: to dance. As long as the DJ has that perfect tempo and bass beat going, my body just follows, no matter what genre is playing. But it’s always great when it’s a song I know and love.

The best thing about BodyJam is that every three months we get new music to move to, and more often than not I find those songs playing in the clubs as well. This is genius, since Jam is being marketed to the club-going set: people who might not necessarily want to get fit in a gym dance class, until they hear the club bangers on the speakers.

More than the past releases, BodyJam 48 is attuned to the current club playlists. I have heard “Closer (Stonebridge Club Remix)”, “Krazy”, and “Where’s Your Head At?” every time I’ve been out dancing, and these songs always make the crowd go through the roof! BodyJam 49 promises to be even better.

The weird thing is most of my participants don’t go to clubs; they are moms who just want to bust a move, and are able to shed their inhibitions only on the gym floor. So they don’t necessarily understand the vibe from the songs on their first go, and it’s my job as an instructor to bring that club atmosphere to the gyms. So for my continuing education, I just go out dancing at the clubs. Ü

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