Sujiivana: The Beautiful Life

Last month shortly after my birthday, I got an unexpected treat. I was invited to be part of Sujiivana Salon‘s online catalogue of Fall Looks. Check it out!

Fall Looks for Sujiivana Salon

The curl came from an iron, so it washed out after the shoot. What stayed with me is the trim and color. The cut has been growing out nicely, with none of the stray hairs and split ends I had before I went to the salon. The color has been gradually lightening over time since the shoot, but I still love it and am maintaining it with Kolours shampoo. I think it’ll grow out gracefully as well, not leaving me with ugly dark roots.

Sujiivana Salon is located at Westgate Center, Alabang. Check out the price listing on their website for their services. Pretty reasonable, for the spa ambience you get. Ü

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