Action&Fitness Magazine November 2009

Action&Fitness November issue
Action&Fitness November issue

I wrote not just one, nor two, but four articles featured on the cover, plus one more inside. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • COVER STORY: Sweating in Style (p. 44) Keep fit while staying in style with the proper and recommended sportswear.
  • Six Workout Myths vs. Facts (p. 62) Fitness myths demystified.
  • Yogurt or No-gurt? (p. 32) It’s the latest craze in town — but read this first before you ride the fro-yo bandwagon.
  • Boost Your Booty (p. 70) Give your booty a natural boost with these butt-busting moves.
  • Tricep Toning (p. 72) Get rid of those “batwing” arms with these easy steps. (BONUS! listen to an excerpt from this article)