Lian, Batangas

Since May 2009, my friend Migs has been asking our barkada to set aside a date to come over to his aunt’s beach house in Lian, Batangas. Finally, to shut him up (hehe), five of us blocked off an overnight stay and took him up on the offer.

Lian, Batangas: Lalah
Lian, Batangas: Noelle

Lian, Batangas: Michael
Lian, Batangas: Marielle

Lalah, Noelle, Michael, Marielle (not in photos: Judith)

I took driving duty because the car was an automatic and a breeze to drive. Also, Michael was sick as a dog. It was pretty much an uneventful long drive to Lian — except for the parts where I was trying to overtake slow vehicles on a narrow road and turned some of my passengers’ hair white because of oncoming vehicles. 😀 Sorry guys.

I know there are some pretty popular beaches in Lian, like Matabungkay, a yellow sand beach. In comparison, the beach house is very isolated, very private, accessible by a dirt road. In fact, according to Migs it was the first time he’d taken guests there. Usually, the beach house is populated by his cousins and their friends on weekends.

We’d left Manila shortly after 12 noon and got to the beach house by 4 pm. After a quick pick-me-up snack prepared by Judith, it was just about time to catch the sunset.

Lian, Batangas: Sunset
Lian, Batangas: Orange Lining

It was very quiet and we were able to relax away from big city horns and road noise. The fresh air was a respite from smog, and Michael and Lalah (who was also sick) claimed to feel better the next day.

Hopefully next time we can bring more friends along and really make it one big party, with a barbecue and a bonfire by the beach.

Lian, Batangas: Black Sand

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