Where Did April Go?

Summer is usually a whirlwind season for me. What with Marielle and Michael’s wedding, two trips to Boracay (you might have read about it on KIKAYRUNNER), and trying to catch up with work in between, I haven’t been able to update here as much as I want to. But that doesn’t mean I no longer have stories to tell.

What’s up for this month? Well, I’m going to begin the process of re-merging Trippin’ with Noelle De Guzman back into this blog. I’ve realized I don’t travel as much as I should to maintain a separate travel blog. The old site will still be up, but no longer updated. I’d love to consolidate everything I write that’s lifestyle-related into one place. Besides, Blogger is far easier to work with than the blog engine on i.ph (sorry Ade).

I’ll be writing about my TV and modeling work here, as well as restaurants I’ve been to and new things I’ve tried. I’ve got a huge blogging backlog and now’s as good a time as any to start chipping away at it.

I’m simplifying a lot of things not just here on this blog, but in my life as well. I’m juggling a lot of things and until it’s all settled down into a routine I’m comfortable with. Whew! April’s gone by in a blur; I hope May will be time well-spent.

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