Happy New Year!

Wow, looking at the date of my last post, it’s been a while since I posted in this blog. Ever since I started KikayRunner.com, my personal blogging has taken a hit. You might have noticed I’ve blogged mostly about events lately; that’s because I’ve felt obligated to write posts about those events in return for the food and the (quite honestly) interesting experiences. And I have a feeling this year Kikay Runner is going to be a major part of my life, so I’ve got to define what In My Pocket should be. Is it a fashion blog? Lifestyle? Events?

This blog started as a personal journal, and at its core, it still is and should be. Where else am I going to write about how emo I was over the Christmas holidays because I was the only single person left in my family, or gush about some fantastic insight that’s come to mind? I still need a space on the web where I can write my heart out without caring about the niche or hobby the blog is supposed to be for. (And since nobody reads this blog now because I stopped updating it, all my posts are as good as private! Hahaha)

To start the new year right, I’ve moved this blog from its Blogspot subdomain to its own subdomain on NoelleDeGuzman.net. Since this website is my personal profile and portfolio, it’s only fitting that my personal journal share the same space. Now that I’ve broken this blog free of its definition as a lifestyle and events blog, I might have more stuff to write about. Stuff that my heart and soul have been scattering all over cyberspace through Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook. Stuff that maybe I’m the only one who will care about. But if you’re interested in little mundane things like that, you’re welcome to read along. Ü

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