Travel Retrospective: Watching Wakeboarders at CWC

I heard that the wake park in Nuvali has finally opened, making the sport of wakeboarding and wakeskating more accessible to Manila residents who used to get their fix driving to Lago de Oro or flying to Camsur.

Although I’ve tried wakeboarding twice in my life, I don’t have a great knack for the sport. I enjoy watching more.

That’s why I had such a great time last year when I covered the Ultimate Wake Championship at CWC for Onesport Magazine. I thought I’d posted about this trip, but apparently I’d only posted about the disastrous bus ride we took to get to Camsur.

UWC at CWC: Media Pass!

Media Pass!

The Ultimate Wake Championship 2011 was a season-culminating event for international pro wakeboarders and wakeskaters. Unlike previous events held at CWC, this was exclusively for the pros, so we got to see some really high-quality tricks in the air and on the water.

Sorry for not getting great photos of the tricks. I was the writer on this expedition, after all. 😉 

UWC at CWC: rainbow

CWC is the pot of gold at the end of a wakeboarder's rainbow.

UWC at CWC: trick

on the short winch course

UWC at CWC: off a kicker

Off a kicker on the cable course

UWC at CWC: the Pros

the pros chilling out

UWC at CWC: Ultimate Wake Championship

chilling out by the dock while the pros sweat it out

Hopefully the new wake park in Nuvali will eventually host some international-caliber competitions soon, so I won’t have to fly or bus out to Camsur to catch the action.

UWC at CWC: Cutie

Too hot in here.

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