Tea Time

I used to say that I only had one cup of coffee a week. Then it grew to two. Then three. Before I knew it, I had a full-blown dependence on Starbucks lattes. It didn’t help that for the previous month I’ve been trying to rack up enough stickers to claim a planner.

So I went cold-turkey. And that’s where this belated Christmas basket from Lipton Philippines comes in.

Thanks Lipton for the Christmas basket!

Thanks for the Christmas basket!

I go through phases of what kinds of drinks I prefer. I had this whole orange juice phase, and I’ve just gotten past the coffee phase. The cycle’s coming back to tea, and as I write this entry I’m brewing up a cup of Lipton Yellow Label. What I like about tea is that since you steep it yourself, you can make as mild or as strong a cup of tea as you want. (I enjoy mine not too strong, with milk and sweetener.)

Lipton’s Christmas basket came with some tea recipes concocted by Chef Dianne dela Cruz. So right now, I’m making not just a regular cup of black tea. I’m making Chef Dianne’s Nagoya Milk Tea! She recommends this served cold, but I’m in the mood for something warm especially on this rainy day. Let me share my modified recipe with you:

  • 1 teabag Lipton Yellow Label Tea
  • 2 tbsps fresh milk
  • 2 drops vanilla essence
  • 2 packets sweetener

Steep tea, then discard teabag. Add milk, sweetener, and vanilla essence. Stir well and enjoy while hot!

Cup of tea on a rainy day, anyone?

Rainy day cuppa, anyone?

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