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Oh, hello there! My name is Noelle De Guzman. I’m a thirtysomething-year-old woman — no, seriously, I am female. Sigh. Here goes the obligatory explanation of my name.

It’s spelled N-O-E-L-L-E. No, it’s not pronounced “Noel-lee.” Silent “E” at the end. Yes, it’s a real name, French in origin. “Noelle” is the feminine version of “Noel.” Yes, it’s a real name, damnit. (I’m just thankful that in person there’s no doubt I’m not a man. Getting form letters that address me as “Mr.” or “Sir” because they’ve guessed my sex by my name is very, very annoying.)

I live in Metro Manila, Philippines and I’m working as a freelance writer and content marketer. My articles have been published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Action&Fitness Magazine, Runners’ World, and Women’s Health. I once hosted a segment called “Let’s Get Physical” on the TV5 show Alagang Kapatid. I’ve also written and hosted some shows on the Living Asia Channel. Up until early 2015 I was a group fitness instructor teaching Les Mills group fitness programs.

I’m equally comfortable with my friends or with my own thoughts, but it’s usually there in the silence that my Savior Jesus Christ speaks to me. I have known Him as God since 1993, and though I’ve gone through many storms (of my own making or not), He’s always been my anchor and faithful friend. I love Him!

I have a huge footprint on the internet, but my main sites are this blog, my running blog Kikay Runner, and my folio of works. I also have a Youtube channel where you can see videos I’ve uploaded.

I’m also on Facebook and Twitter.

I could say more about myself, but don’t you want to do it the hard way and just read my entries?

About This Site

I’ve been on the internet since 1997 and began blogging in 2000. Unfortunately while transferring from host to host I’ve lost proper backlinks to really old entries. If you run across a broken link, my apologies.

If you’re going to quote anything from this site, please read the terms and conditions of this Creative Commons License.

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