Runner’s World January 2011

Got a craving for R&R&R (rest and recreation and running)? Looking to make your first (or nth) marathon a bit more flavorful? Feast on a grab bag of destination marathons in the Asia region and find one to your taste — all in the January issue of Runner’s World (with running couple Javy and Hannah Olives on the cover).

Runners World January 2011
Runner’s World January 2011

34th Milo Marathon Press Con

I co-hosted the press conference for the 34th Milo Marathon held at the Bayview Park Hotel on Roxas Boulevard. Along with Mr. Lester Castillo, head of PR for Milo, I helped facilitate the Q&A for the press.

This is the first year Milo is holding its races for a cause. If in previous years all they were doing was providing venues for developing Philippine running, this year they’re donating 4,000 new pairs of running shoes to children who are in need of footwear. Milo organizers realized, as more people joined their races every year, that there were participants (particularly children) who competed barefoot because they had no shoes.

Some beneficiaries will be racing 3K on July 4 sporting their new shoes.