Back in the Saddle–er, Pocket

So, hello everyone! Welcome to my newly redesigned and renamed online journal named “In My Pocket.” I picked this title as I was looking at a pair of new jeans I recently bought, admiring the roominess in the front and rear pockets.

I love pockets and have always tried to make use of them whenever they appeared on my clothes. Back in high school, I had all sorts of things in my skirt pockets: aside from the requisite wallet, I had a handkerchief, a hair clip, and an inhaler for the rare asthma emergency. Alas, these days pockets are merely design elements use to make people’s butts/hips/chest look bigger or smaller depending on their preference. Besides, when was the last time you saw a (useable) pocket on a trendy skirt?

Still, I can always pull a random pen and piece of paper out of my pocket and start scribbling–so long as I had them in there in the first place. Alternatively, I can just pull out my cellphone from my pocket and snap pictures with it. This journal will be the outlet for any and all creative endeavors of those sorts from me. Hopefully I can write about daily events here as well as the more serious essays I had the tendency to write.

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