I Hate Buses and Jeepneys

I was driving to the gym at 5:45am yesterday with my sister. Now, since the sun was still hiding under the horizon, it was dark on the roads. I was trying to merge into the inner lane as the road climbed over a small hill, but a Gasat Lines bus just accelerated on my left side, and I was stuck in my lane. At the same time, a jeepney pinned me on my right side. I stepped on the brake to slow down a bit.

And then, at the crest of the hill, I saw it. A huge gaping round “O” in the road right in front of me. AN OPEN MANHOLE!

With the bus bearing down on my left side and the jeepney swerving in on my right side, I couldn’t swerve either way to avoid the hole. I stomped on the brake as the bus and jeepney zoomed past, and as soon as the bus had cleared me I swung my steering wheel sharply to the left.

BAM! went my front right wheel, into the manhole as I screeched to a halt. When I say I screeced, I mean the car’s wheels screeched, and so did I. A flood of thoughts flashed in my head. “Did I break an axle? Is the front of my car crumpled in? Am I wearing good underwear in case I have to be brought to the hospital?”

I revved the car and got my front right wheel out of the manhole, then drove slowly to the shoulder of the road. With legs still shaky, I got out and checked the front and right side of my car. NOT A SCRATCH ON IT.

As I got back in the car, my sister asked me, “Did you really have to scream?”

I absolutely despise buses and jeepneys, but I wish those people who steal manhole covers could be hung by their feet over those manholes they leave open with their pilfering.

Well, actually, that’s a little bit harsh. I do wish I knew whether those who steal equipment from public roads (manhole covers, drain grates, signs, and the like) are ever apprehended and punished.

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