I Am Supergirl

Many, many years ago, my parents took me to see Supergirl: the Movie. I don’t really remember seeing its first run, but I do remember (and have a picture of) being dressed up in a Supergirl costume.

Later on, my parents bought me a Supergirl Which-Way Book, akin to the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. I enjoyed the book immensely even as I started getting confused with all the Golden Age/Silver Age/whatever that DC Comics had perpertrated in its universe, and Supergirl was changed from being Superman’s cousin to being Matrix, a completely different alien creature.

Today my dad called me and asked me if I wanted the Supergirl DVD. When he came home with it, to my joy it was the Director’s Cut which features scenes that were cut from the final version shown in movie theaters and on cable television. Ü I never realized how much I love this old movie until I found it in my hands. It’s playing on my laptop as I type this, and I love it as much now for its fantasy storyline as well as its campy graphics and effects. If you’re interested (like I am), you can read more about Supergirl: The Movie.


For those people who got to this site looking for more information on tennis at the SEA Games, I’m writing about that on Game, Ms. Noelle, my pro tennis journal. Cecil Mamiit and Eric Taino helped seal the gold medal for the Philippines in the team tennis competition. They are both entered in the singles and doubles event that started today at 10am.

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