Not-So-Carless Oval

I ran my legs off this morning in UP Diliman, which is a haven for joggers these days. They’ve shut down the entire Academic Oval from today until Thursday because student organizations have set up food and merchandise stalls along the circumference of the Oval in anticipation of this year’s Lantern Parade.

When I say “shut down” and “entire Academic Oval,” though, I don’t really mean it. Apparently the people who are conducting this closure of the road don’t really mean it, either. Instead of being fully carless, it was not so carless. At various closed streets feeding into the Oval, the road blocks were set too far apart, allowing cars to squeeze through and gain entry. I’m not sure if these vehicles had any legitimate business within the Oval, since the stalls were being stocked by small delivery trucks. In any case, I couldn’t exactly jog on the road itself without worrying about a rampaging car careening out of nowhere into me.

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