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Last weekend my friends and sister made an impromptu decision to go to the movies. I joined them there, even though I had no idea what would be playing in the theaters. A few days earlier, though, I’d seen a trailer on television and noticed that Eric Bana had a new film out. I didn’t know what that film was, but I do like Bana’s acting (for what it’s worth, I think he and Sean Bean were the saving grace of Troy). So when we saw the cast for Munich, Steven Spielberg’s new opus, we decided to get tickets for that immediately. We almost began regretting that we’d bought tickets so quickly when we saw that Firewall was also playing, and had Harrison Ford in the lead.

Fortunately, Eric Bana and the entire ensemble cast of Munich didn’t disappoint, and even exceeded our expectations. To tell you the truth, I don’t think we really knew what we were getting to when we sat down inside the theater. I think we’d forgotten that this was Spielberg the director of Schindler’s List, and we assumed the film would be a lightweight sort, like Catch Me If You Can. Instead, we were treated to a heart-wrenching display of human drama where the killings were secondary in nature to, and only instrumental in, the development and deterioration of the characters into madness. I think you can safely say that we loved it; it was a lovingly and painstakingly crafted film that didn’t glory in violence but instead is a call for peace–or at least for a truce. I don’t want to say any more about the film, but I highly recommend that people watch it. It’s a refreshing palate-cleanser from the gooey local loveteam movies, and it has a lot more substance. (I don’t mean to be unFilipino or unpatriotic, but I really, really don’t plan on watching films about local loveteams.)

In other movie news, Aeon Flux has finally hit Philippine cinemas. Although panned by critics and unpatronized by moviegoers in the US, I managed to watch this one on DVD prior to it being shown locally, and I have to say I liked it. I really, really liked it. It’s very loosely based on the MTV Liquid Television series of the same name. I say “very loosely” because this film comes up with a background story about the eponymous main character (played by Charlize Theron) and a cohesive plotline and motivation for Flux’s actions; these were things the MTV series rarely (never?) had. Also, Aeon wears more clothing, has a smaller bustline, and has short hair in this film. Ü In any case, this is a fun romp in a futuristic world; it’s a very slick film with stunning visuals and a nice twist ending. If you liked Tomb Raider, you’ll appreciate this one.

I have to say it’s a shame Pride and Prejudice is scheduled to come out locally in March, instead of during this week (Valentine’s Day) when it should logically have been shown.

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