Bum Dee Bum The Bum Bum Me

It’s finally dawned on me that I am a graduate and I have no job. I am a bum living off my parents’ (and sister’s!) paychecks, and since I no longer have any plans of going back to school, it’s time to find me a job.

I spent all day yesterday scouring job openings on Jobstreet and JobsDB, as well as tailoring my resume. I don’t really know what my qualifications are, aside from the academic ones. Perhaps it’s a lack of self-confidence above everything else, but I’m realizing that my single-minded focus on my studies is limiting my options these days. I didn’t get involved in any extracurricular activities that could have padded my resume, like joining writing contests, or attending conferences that give you certification for attending them, or even seeking out internships. I am a fresh graduate with no experience, which is laughable considering I already have a master’s degree.

There were a lot of openings for web designers, but most of them involved knowledge of PHP and mySQL, which I’ve never used. Some of them specified a need for proficiency in Dreamweaver MX, which I don’t have because I code all my websites by hand. Still others demanded experience in maintaining websites; I’ve had my own sites for years (going on ten years next year) but haven’t maintained websites professionally, so I don’t know if I do have the experience.

Maybe I need to get my own domain, perhaps set up a small website design biz? One thing’s for sure: I don’t wanna be a bum no more!

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