Catching Up and Weighing In

Last night my friends from elementary and high school threw a surprise despedida (going-away) party for Alma, who will be flying off to Copenhagen to work there for two years. The thing about get-togethers when people haven’t seen each other for a long while is that most of the conversation starters are about personal appearance, about how much one has changed (or hasn’t changed). People kept telling me how slim I’d gotten. Can I say EGO BOOST!? Not that I don’t already enjoy working out hard, but seriously this gives me added motivation to continue what I’m doing and drop the last ten pounds to get to the so-called “ideal weight.”

Check out this photo from 2005 (okay, I look thinner in this photo), then this photo from October 2006, then this photo from last night. I’m thinner in the photos from October because I was strung out from the NRSW Bollywood competition, but I regained some weight (binging due to work stress) over the rest of that month and half of November before I came back to my senses.

So, of course, after I got all those compliments about my weight loss, I got myself stuffed on the buffet. Oh, dear.

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  • January 31, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    Sweetie, losing an additional ten pounds means shedding off those “assets”, if you know what I’m saying. Take it easy. You look great! ^v^


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