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It’s April, which means one thing for Fitness First Philippines: it’s the season for launching new Les Mills choreography and music for group exercise programs. Since I’m new at this and still wide-eyed, fresh-faced, and eager, I decided to go for a place on one of the launch teams for BodyBalance. This means that on the very first day the new stuff is given to members as a class, we’re the people conducting the class.

BodyBalance Launch: Ortigas, 11 April 2007 I initially thought I would only be launching at my home branch, FF Ortigas, but as other branches began launching the week after the Ortigas launch, I found myself recruited to launch at Eastwood and ABS-CBN as well. I attended the Greenhills launch just to kill time that Saturday before a meeting for my other job (the executive assistant position).

BodyBalance Launch: Greenhills 14 April 2007 I find teaching this program really addictive. Sure it’s not dance cardio like what I’ve been raving about on this journal since last July, but BodyBalance has its own charms. It’s almost like slow dancing and ballet, and I just love it when I get that smile from participants when they’ve gotten a move or pose correctly, or when I realize that hey, these people are listening to what I’m saying and it’s my job to make sure they have a great experience with each workout.

I’ve also kept learning new things about myself as I’ve come out of my shell. Meanwhile, the people I’ve met within this program have really enriched my life. We share a common passion and I think that’s a great thing to have in a group of friends. Particularly when you all strike upon the same goofy ideas.

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I can’t wait to do it again!

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  • April 25, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    Part-time. =) It’s actually more of a hobby right now than a job, since I’m not getting paid yet for the classes I do. (Cost of training is being deducted from my per-class fee.)


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