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Not many of you know that I auditioned for a lot of different things this year. Amazing Race Asia 3, a hosting gig for Ube Media, Survivor Philippines (in a private casting call at GMA7, no less) …

…None of which I got a callback for. Haha. But in true bullheadedness I went to two auditions the past week. The first one was casting hosts for a Studio 23 lifestyle show catering to a “high-end market” (their words). So I was told to come dressed for cocktails and bring a set card and portfolio.

I said, “PORTFOLIO?!” Well, thankfully it wasn’t really a requirement, but when I got there I was confronted with the sight of a dozen women and half a dozen men — all commercial/print models — bearing “black books” of their most attractive photographs (and maybe collaterals of their ads). Some of them were even familiar-looking.

Anyway, I got through the audition process, which was my first for a major TV network. Maybe I was reaching a bit too high for my first time out, but at least it’s toughening me for further rejections along the way. Ü

Well, tough enough to handle not getting a callback for another audition I went to, this time for Globe Telecom. We were asked to say, “Bakit ba?” (Why?) using different emotions. I waited three hours just to say that in front of a video camera five times.

Though tortuous, these auditions are actually a lot of fun, particularly when you start observing the kinds of people that go there. (Yes, I know I can be put under the same scrutiny.) There are those who dress scantily and skankily to get noticed. Then when it’s a casting for specific roles, everyone who comes in has the same look about them. Coming from an outsider’s perspective, it’s all pretty funny and surreal.

Can’t wait to do it again!

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  • September 1, 2008 at 10:28 am

    Oh, I love Amazing Race! Did you go with a partner in tow? Are you going to Trinoma on 06 Sept 2008 to watch the Amazing Race show there?And, break a leg on your future auditions!

  • September 1, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    I sent an audition tape (which is that video in my post), but my partner and I didn’t make it past that stage in the audition.As for the Sept. 6 TARA3 event in Trinoma, it’s bound to be crowded! I don’t have anyone with me who’s interested, and I didn’t register to join the challenge.


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