Mike Villar, Internet Star

Just recently I’ve been evaluating my links list and wonder why I have some people on there. Some are reciprocal links. Some are links to friends’ blogs. And some are just too funny not to be linked. I’m just happy that one of my reads is a nominee for Blogger’s Choice at the Philippine Blog Awards.

Yes, that’s Mike Villar, self-proclaimed Internet Star. Though the content of his blog isn’t safe for children, I do enjoy peering into the mind of a guy who details — nay, glories in — his failings. He shares this with the world at large and dares you to laugh at him.

Not only is he fearless when it comes to telling stories about himself (clearly some of those are embellished, right? RIGHT?), but early in his path to Internet stardom he came out with the series Atrocities of Friendster, which gave me side stitches from laughing too hard. You have to read it to understand why that took some big balls to publish.

So, I vote for Mikey, and you should, too. Let’s make this guy the Internet Star he claims to be.

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