And we’re back, finally! You might know the story from my Multiply post about it: I was very upset at having my domain name stolen from under me when it expired. Now that I’ve had a few months of hindsight, it’s not so bad not having a DOTcom (which is now being used to direct people to a search portal, ugh). All I wanted was someplace to put my writings which wouldn’t fit anywhere else, and as lovely as Multiply is, Blogspot is far more easily indexed by Google.

Ergo, I’m back by my own demand! I will be writing here more often instead of expending my lovely one-liners on my Facebook account’s status messages. This place gives me space to think, maybe write some things that may not interest those on my social networks — but the point is, I want to write. I need to write.

Re-link me, please? Ü

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