Impromptu Pictorial

Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time. I dropped by the Arresting Images studio on Tomas Morato to pick up a CD of hi-res photos from my photoshoot with Vic Fabe. When I got there, a pictorial was in progress. Vic took me aside and asked, “Are you doing anything?”

And BOOM! I was in Hair and Make-up with Raymund Acedo and did three sets modeling FABE clothing.

navy blue off-shoulder dress
Helen of Troy?

FABE: Attraction series

Grey Silk Blouse by FABE
Polka-Dot Dress by FABE

During the latter half of the shoot, Marvin Maning took over photographer duties, and the AI art director Emmanuel Arquiza started styling my poses.

It should have been just a lazy Labor Day, but it turned out to be a great working holiday for me. Best part is I was able to use the make-up for that evening’s night out clubbing. Ü

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