Not-So Extreme Makeover

While my efforts aren’t of Extreme Makeover magnitude, I’ve steadily been fixing up my room. Last month I tossed out a mountain of old clothes I haven’t worn in years and reorganized my closets in an effort that would have made Martha Stewart proud.

Yesterday I gave my room a thorough cleaning and organizing that yielded dust bunnies galore and a stack of empty shoeboxes. After dusting off the tabletops, putting a fresh sheet on the bed, and de-cluttering my dresser, I once again have a tranquil space of my own. The last time I did something of this magnitude was back in 2006! (And what do you know? It was in July as well.)

Voila! I present to you, my sparkling clean room!

dresser area
bed and study
my bookshelf
No “Before” pics. Those are the stuff of nightmares.

Since I use my room as an office when I write, it’s as though de-cluttering it also de-cluttered my mind. I feel so efficient and creative now!

And speaking of makeovers, look what arrived in the mail:

Ellana Minerals free sample kit
free samples and catalogue from Ellana Minerals

I ordered some samples from Ellana Minerals on Liz‘s recommendation. It’s just 50 pesos for the shipping and you get two packets of foundation (different shades) and one packet of finishing powder. I can’t wait to try them tomorrow!


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