Wedding Daze

I must be of the age when people around me start to get married. And when I say “people around me” I mean my closest friends, relatives, and even my only sister — my younger sister, at that! Now, while there may be some inevitable considerations, like whether my sister needs to pay me a dowry for getting married ahead of me, the one question I will have to face in the upcoming months is: What will I wear?

(And you thought I was going to say “Why not me?” More on that later.)

You see, it was simpler in my early days of attending weddings. I have a stockpile of old gowns and dresses, and if all else failed I could always raid my mom’s closet. I have a gown from [X] I bought on sale in December 2007, and I’ve worn it to two weddings and a debutante’s ball. The trick to reusing gowns is never to use them when the same people are in attendance.

Pink Gown, Rachel's Wedding, 2008
Pink Gown, Ela's 18th Birthday, 2008
Pink Gown, Jerdy's Wedding, 2009

Two Weddings and a Debut

However, the time’s come when I can’t just use any old dress. I will be a bridesmaid in December and a maid of honor in April. What that means is I’ve got to have gowns made specifically to match the rest of the entourage.

Enter my friend, up-and-coming designer Ryan Madamba. We’re part of the same small group at church, and this year he’s taken a step of faith by resigning from his lucrative (yet soul-draining) job at a call center to pursue design full-time. And what a time; three of the women in our group are getting married within the next year (my sister included), and all have retained Ryan’s services. He’s also got clients from referrals, and his hands are getting more full by the week.

At Ryan's Office

Ryan’s Office

We were at Ryan’s swanky new digs that serve as his office and home. Naturally conversation turned to his designs. For kicks, I tried out one of Ryan’s earlier creations, which he had made for a cousin.

Ryan's Pink Dress

It’s pink, but it ain’t mine.

Because it was made-to-order, the dress didn’t fit my own curves. However, I do like the workmanship and attention to detail, and Ryan knows his stuff. We’ll be talking this week about the gowns he’s doing for me as bridesmaid and maid of honor.

Hopefully by next year we’ll be talking about my wedding gown, because I caught the bouquet at a wedding I attended on Saturday. Ü

Noelle, catcher of the bridal bouquet

Now, all I need is the groom.

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  • September 11, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    hi noelle. =) i saw the Weekend Warriors on Flippish, and saw the link to your, you know my HS friend Precious, what a small world. =) anyways, i enjoyed reading your blog. ^_^ and hopefully, you find your groom na. ^_^tc!

  • September 13, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    soon you'll meet up with your groom to be. 🙂 or he's just around the corner. Good things happen to those who wait..and in fact, I believe God is preparing someone for you. :)God bless and thanks for the shoot yesterday.


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