Pico de Loro

Just before 2009 ended, I took my last beach trip. Ths time, it wasn’t to Boracay. Instead, my family and I headed to Nasugbu, Batangas. My aunt had acquired a condo unit at Hamilo Coast, a leisure estate being developed by SM Land.

By this summer a ferry will take passengers from the Mall of Asia complex to Hamilo Coast in 45 minutes. For this trip, we had to pack ourselves into our cars and drive four long hours on the SLEX, through the traffic caused by market day in Tagaytay, and over long winding stretches of single-lane road before we finally arrived.


Hamilo Coast: Pico de Loro Beach Club



Hamilo Coast: Sunset Light


 Pico de Loro Beach Club

Since my aunt’s condo isn’t completed yet, she took us to the Pico de Loro Beach Club instead for a buffet lunch and some activities in the water. The beach was developed by layering lighter brown sand over the natural dark brown sand on that coastline, and any rough rock had either been carted out or smoothed away. There was also a shallow pool and kiddie pool at the beach club, which was our refuge from the many small fish at the beach. For some reason, those fish were overly curious about swimmers, and either nibbled at our skin or swam up our mens’ board shorts. (Gay fish?)

My only scheduled activity when we got there was to soak up the rays, and hopefully get rid of my pallor from being indoors all day. And so that’s what I did right after lunch.

Hamilo Coast: Sunbathing

sunbathing near the roofdeck bar

 When I got crispy enough, I amused myself by taking photos of the facilities. There’s even a lifeguard station!


Hamilo Coast: Lifeguard Station



When the ferry service becomes fully operational, I think I’ll be there more often to get my beach fix. 🙂

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