Michael and Marielle’s Prenup

(Subtitle: Why I Went “Clubbing” on a Sunday)

Many of you may not know my sister Marielle is getting married in about a month’s time. She and her fiance Michael have taken care of almost all the major details, so I haven’t been doing much as a maid of honor. There was one thing she specifically asked me to do for her: makeup for her prenup pictorial two Sundays ago.

As much as I’d like to take credit for how flawless her skin is in her photos, I didn’t really have to do much work. A little foundation, a little concealer, and a little eyeshadow was all she needed for the daytime set we shot at Eastwood Mall and La Mesa Ecopark.

M&M Prenup: Doggy!
M&M Prenup: The Happy Couple

When it came to the nighttime set, we changed location to Manor Superclub in Eastwood. Michael’s cousin co-owns it, so we were able to shoot the first ever prenup pictorial within its walls. (Usually Metro Magazine and FHM use it for their magazine layouts.)

M&M Prenup: Manor
M&M Prenup: Manor

I had to say, it felt weird being inside Manor in my baggy Levi’s jeans and Converse sneakers. I always dress up to go clubbing (Manor is one of my favorite places to go). And it was strange seeing it empty. But the photos came out great!

M&M Prenup: Setting Up
M&M Prenup: Eastwood Rooftop

For this set I needed to make Marielle’s makeup more dramatic, so out came the black eyeliner and the blended eyeshadows. She’s not used to the relatively heavier stuff for evening, so I had to cajole her into letting me line her lids and pump up the black in her shadow.

M&M Prenup: Dramatic Eye Makeup

Of course, I’m not a photographer, so check out photos of the happy couple from Wella Fan Photography (the pictorial spans several albums).

My little sister’s all grown up! *sob*

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