So I Thought I Could Dance

The great thing about staycationing during Holy Week is catching up on TV shows through the series marathons channels show. While everyone else is out of town and maybe outdoors splashing about in pools and oceans, I’m at home indoors watching So You Think You Can Dance reruns.

SYTYCD Season 4

Being a BodyJam instructor, I have to educate myself about dance styles. The great thing about SYTYCD and what differentiates it from other dance shows, like America’s Best Dance Crew (Filipinos represent!) or Dancing With the Stars (*shudder*), is the variety of dance styles showcased and the technical excellence with which they’re performed. Over the past few hours sitting here watching SYTYCD I’ve seen ballroom, latin, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, Broadway, even Bollywood.

SYTYCD Season 8 Group Number

One of my delusions is that I can approximate the dance styles we use in BodyJam. I’m not a trained dancer, but I think can fake my way through the latin, jazz, and hiphop routines we use in class and I do pick up Jam choreography relatively quickly.

Compared to these dance giants, I am a mite.

Melanie & Marko

I’m really happy that I still do get to dance for a living even though my dancing isn’t on that level. I also love that I can share my love for dance with my class participants. I try to take them with me to that rapturous place where only the passion for dance can take a person.

We’re launching BodyJam 60: Mambos and Moombahton at 360 Fitness Makati next Friday and I’m super excited to dance like this:

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BodyJam 60

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