Noelle De Guzman in Xander Angeles’ “Relentless. Forward. Progress.” Exhibit

Renowned and sought after photographer Xander Angeles together with Samsung NX500 opened a photo exhibit that aims to showcase athletes, celebrities, and personalities relentlessly pursuing their passions, moving forward in doing what they love, and progressing to realize their dreams.

Held at The Atrium, SM Aura Premier, Relentless. Forward. Progress. is Xander’s avenue that brings to life his inspiration with the hope of inspiring others with the help of the Samsung NX500. Notable personalities like Ryan Agoncillo, Drew Arellano, Erwan Huessaff, Mateo Guidicelli, Benjamin Alves, Solenn Heussaff and Bianca King, are all featured in Xander’s photographs shot by the Samsung NX500. All are active lifestyle enthusiasts who are constantly reinventing their game – much like Xander and the Samsung NX500.

Noelle De Guzman in “Relentless. Forward. Progress.”

Relentless. Forward. Progress. was inspired by Xander’s personal and professional evolution as a photographer and artist. His journey involved some lifestyle change that led him to become more conscious about his health and wellness. This pushed him to become physically active. He found Samsung NX500, a light and compact yet powerful camera to serve as his partner in reaching his goal to inspire others in finding ultimate satisfaction and dedication to push themselves to their physical limits.

A professional fashion photographer for the past 15 years, Xander has done photography for various brands across the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Not content with what he was doing, he began to introduce more action and greater dynamism into his photography, coinciding with his newly embraced fast-paced and active lifestyle.

Xander’s passion to relentlessly progress is embodied by the Samsung NX500. The Samsung NX500 boasts game-changing features such as a 28 megapixel APS-CMOS sensor, cutting edge autofocus that can track fast moving objects, 4K ultra high definition video recording and Samsung’s latest DRIME 5 image processor, all of which allowed Xander to effortlessly capture the active lifestyle of his subjects.

“When I began thinking of a concept for this exhibit, I wanted it to be inspiring and very close to my heart. I decided to do something different and focus on the challenging passions of athletes, celebrities and personalities. I wanted to capture the spirit of adventure and speed, such as people running, doing extreme sports, or testing the limits of their physique. Fortunately, the Samsung NX500 allowed me to take rich and vivid images of my subjects in action. It was good to see people having fun, doing what they love the most and I am very happy with the resulting photos taken,” Xander shares.

Eager to share lessons from his personal transformation with aspiring photographers who look up to him, Xander suggests that they invest in a camera like the Samsung NX500 which is powerful and agile yet extremely user friendly and allows them to define their own style. “There is no right or wrong in art, so don’t be afraid to take the shots you like. Don’t be afraid to present your vision and ideas to others. ” he urges.

“We at Samsung are honored to be a part of Xander’s aim to spread such a wonderful message that could inspire others to go further and push themselves beyond their comfort zones. Working with an incredible photographer like Xander proved that creative ideas, aided with the right material and equipment can send a very powerful message. With the Samsung NX500, these photos are now brought to life,” Samsung Category Manager for Digital Imaging , Adriene Rivera concluded.

For both Samsung and Xander Angeles, life’s many adventures are definitely worth celebrating.

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