Boracay in the New Year, Day 2

(This is the second of four planned posts about spending the new year in Boracay, December 29, 2007 to January 1, 2008.)

posing for pics before going to Puka BeachOur second day in Boracay dawned sunny and bright, perfect for our planned trip to Puka Beach. Located on the north side of the island at the end of the island’s single highway, it’s just a stretch of sand squished between the jungle and the ocean. picnic lunch on Puka BeachNo beachfront restaurants with loud music blaring from speakers, no enterprising people pushing banana boat rides on you, no toilets — simply perfect for lazing away an entire morning swimming in stronger currents and looking for puka shells on the beach. Puka Beach isn’t entirely devoid of development, however; we were able to have a picnic lunch delivered from a restaurant on the highway and thus introduced cousin Caelli to her first taste of coconut milk straight out of the nut. Ü

twilight at the TidesWe returned to White Beach the same way we had come (via tricycle) and spent the rest of the afternoon sunning ourselves. Then Trondz came by to introduce his friend Doji to us and invite us to the Tides at D*Mall. There we watched the sun set as we sipped our complimentary mojitos courtesy of the Tides’ owner Stephen, who was on the premises.

drinks at Ariel's HouseWe were supposed to have dinner with the family, but all of us agreed we’d meet back up later in the evening for a night out. And oh my, what a night it was. Trondz dragged us (we were very willing, though) and a new friend Sarah from Ariel’s House (a newly-opened establishment fronting the Boracay Beach Club) to Club Paraw to the Tides back to Paraw and then lastly to Hey Jude.

we got the party started at Hey Jude
We got the dancing started as we shimmied in the DJ’s booth.

We decided to call it a night around 1am, preferring to save our energy for the next night, which would be New Year’s Eve. I met up with Johnny Z just as we were leaving Hey Jude. It was his last night in Boracay; he was due on air in Manila the next morning and would miss the celebrations.

The thing with meeting people in Boracay is, sure you can become fast friends, but unless you actually are determined to keep in touch (let’s say via phone or Facebook or meeting up back in Manila), you might never see that person again.

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  • January 24, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Puka beach sounds like my kind of beach. Too bad Boracay’s waves aren’t suited for surfing though.


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