Boracay in the New Year, Day 3

(This is the third of four planned posts about spending the new year in Boracay, December 29, 2007 to January 1, 2008.)

New Year's Eve dawns In preparation for our plan to stay out all night, we decided to laze around on our third day in Boracay. I really do mean lazy; I laid myself out on the sand at 9am and didn’t move except to turn myself over and to get a fruitshake from Jonah’s.

In fact, that day was so lazy the next time we took pics was when our family went out for dinner. It being New Year’s Eve, we all wanted to look extra special.

the De Guzman familythe Mangubat familythe Wright women
We clean up nice as a clan, yes?

We had dinner reservations at Jo-Ni’s Resort, which is nicely situated between Station 3 and Station 1. This meant we could stick around in the area until midnight and observe the fireworks from the Station 3 and 1 resorts. Trondz and our other friends from the night before had made reservations at the Seawind, which had its own scheduled entertainment and fireworks show. We were content to leech the sights and sounds for free from our place.

fireworksWe ended up waiting for midnight at Jonah’s. The fireworks began in earnest from both ends of White Beach and we found ourselves swinging our heads from side to side, much like a tennis game. Only at night. And with hundreds of balls in the air at the same time. It was the longest fireworks show in the history of Boracay, lasting about an hour. And we really felt it; by the end we were just begging for the resorts to run out of rockets to send shooting into the sky.

firedancing at BeachcomberWe bid our parents and family goodbye as Caelli, Marielle and I met up with Trondz and went dancing at Beachcomber, where DJ Manolet Dario was playing some great house and trance music. We were given an unexpected treat as two of the staffers from Beachcomber lit up their poi and did an impromptu firedance show.

The rest of the night got crazy as we went from Beachcomber to Paraw to Ariel’s House, where the proprietor gave us two complimentary bottles of Asti Martini to celebrate the New Year with. Our party got bigger and louder as other people came in to play foosball with us, of all things.

Marielle, Caelli, Marc Nelson, and Trondz at Ariel's HouseRovilson and Marielle
foosball at Ariel's Housewith the Amazing Race Asia 2 team

breakfast at Jonah'sAnd that was until daybreak, when I got really hungry and asked everyone to come along to breakfast. Where? Jonah’s. (Gosh we never got tired of that place, huh?) Boracay had been cloudy the previous day and made good on its threat to rain that morning. We got a fine stinging spray all over the island.

double rainbow seen from Jonah'sThen the sky bust out a double rainbow, a glorious sight seen through our sleep-deprived eyes. We dawdled over breakfast, then stumbled home at 9am. It was the best New Year’s celebration we’d ever had, so we were quite bummed that our flight home was already scheduled for the afternoon. Or so we thought.

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  • January 30, 2008 at 2:50 am

    I was enjoying a nice chat with Rovilson and the Vodka Bull that he got me. Then suddenly you woke up and took the drink away, just like that! I didn’t notice though. Wasted!


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