Notes from Boracay: Rain, and a Menu

I came to Boracay seeking sun so I could get a tan, so I was more than a little peeved that my first step onto the island was greeted with a torrential rainshower. The sun only peeked out long enough for us to get out onto the beach. The rest of the afternoon we were pelted by a light drizzle.

Me, Marielle, and Bianca

Still all smiles. After all, we’re in Boracay!

Our day was pretty laid back capped off by dinner at this steakhouse in D*Mall called Valhalla. If there were an award for the most misspelled menu, it would go hands down to Valhalla’s, which seems never to have seen the light of spellcheck.

The "Meny" at Valhalla

Even the name of the menu was misspelled.

Dinner at Valhalla, D*Mall

At least the food was good.

I’m planning to start the day off early tomorrow. I really hope the sun comes out!


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