Notes from Boracay: State of the Beach, and Poi

Because this time around I’ve committed to doing things I’ve never done in Boracay, I woke up really early so I could take a long walk down to the end of Station Three. As I walked along the shoreline, the feel of the beachfront establishments changed from urbanized to rustic; I’ve been told that Station Three preserves a little more of the old Boracay, where things are more laidback.

As the sun rose, it turned into an overcast morning. Going into the water was also an ordeal due to heavy algal growth on the beach. And due to some seawall newly built on another part of the island, the currents on White Beach have been crashing more heavily into Station One’s shores, eating away at the beach. Not really a good state of affairs when development starts to destroy what is part of the charm of a place.

State of the Beach

We’re the pretty sight.

I was introduced to poi twirling yesterday, and it challenged me so much that I went out and bought a pair for myself. No, I’m not about to start my own firedancing career (a la Rachel Lobangco), but it’s a pretty fun way to burn some calories. Now if only I could figure out how not to hit myself on the head so much.

Poi !

It’s so much fun!

I also tried riding a flying fish today and got thrown off on our last round. Tomorrow I think I’ll stay close to the shoreline and maybe try to get a kid to teach me how to skimboard.


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