I have loved LOLcats ever since I stumbled upon I Can Has Cheezburger last year while researching the O RLY? phenomenon.

Okay, backtracking a little if I haven’t lost you in the maze of Internet jargon… A LOLcat is a picture of an animal captioned with phrases written in a corrupted form of English called “LOLspeak” akin to baby talk (as if the animal were trying to speak English as a foreign language). Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a picture of an animal that gets captioned; in the case of LOLPilipinas, pictures of Filipino celebrities and famous personalities were captioned in reference to current events, to humorous effect.

Well, these days I find myself thinking in LOLspeak while going about everyday life…

pwease can i haz one LOL

LOL Luggage

My rabbit face. Lemme show u it.

Im in ur kitchun slicin ur wurmelon.

Krispy Kreme. This pleases me.

And now you know I spend too much time on the Internet. Ü


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